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Bankruptcy Beagle Helps Bankruptcy Attorneys Attract the Right Clients 


If you are like most bankruptcy attorneys, chances are you are extraordinarily good at what you do. But when it comes to marketing, you don’t have time and could probably use some help. You probably have a website—possibly a blog—maybe do some mailers; do you still advertise in the phone book? Yet, despite all the late nights spent working on your business and for your clients, you feel compelled to charge a relatively low fee, are lucky to file 4-10 cases per month, and must supplement your practice with other areas to make ends meet.

Let’s be honest, most information about marketing doesn’t readily apply to bankruptcy attorneys who are busy working with clients; consistent and successful marketing is a huge challenge.

If that sounds familiar, you’ve found the solution! Bankruptcy Beagle is the missing, vital, piece of your marketing efforts if you want better results. Our proven system will make it so that prospective clients SEEK YOU out. You will be able to charge more and attract more clients.

Whether you have been in business 2 days or 2 decades, Bankruptcy Beagle will give you the edge against your competition and change the way you market your services.

The Bankruptcy Beagle Marketing Enhancement System 


Finally end your marketing struggles; Bankruptcy Beagle is your companion in establishing you as an expert bankruptcy attorney in your district. No, we are not talking about some costly, time consuming certification that no prospective client cares about anyway; we will take your already exceptional knowledge, package it, and provide 3rd party validation.

If you want better results from your marketing (higher fees, more clients ready, willing and able to buy), success starts right here. Our marketing system WILL work for your solo or small bankruptcy firm.

Who is Right for the Bankruptcy Beagle System? 


Simply put any bankruptcy attorney or firm anywhere in the U.S. Well, any bankruptcy attorney or firm that is looking to do more than just get by; any bankruptcy attorney or firm who is tired of fighting clients over price. You want to do the work of your clients, and you want clients to seek you out.

Note, Bankruptcy Beagle is for those attorneys that have realized they need to treat their practice like a business.

Become the Bankruptcy Attorney That is Sought, Not Simply Found…


If you are tired of marketing your services, and are not satisfied with the results; if you want to increase your business, implement other, passive, revenue streams, and take your business to a new level of success and profitability, Bankruptcy Beagle is for you.

Call Bankruptcy Beagle today at 720-545-0339, or contact us to discuss how our companionship can create client attraction for you.